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Telecom Applications Testing Services

For telecom and networking equipment manufacturer and service providers, the need to add new equipment to their portfolio has never been greater. The testing of new applications and technology equipment is difficult and time consuming process. Rapidsoft Systems offers one-stop protocol and standards compliance testing for Network operators, Telecom service providers and mobile operators. Rapidsoft Systems Network Testing Lab can fulfill your functional validation and protocol testing needs -- Router Testing, WLAN Testing, Ethernet Switch testing, Security gateways Testing, VOIP Equipment Testing, VPN and Firewall Testing, Telecom Software Testing and Network Management Software Testing.

Rapidsoft Systems Network and telecom expertise spans over 2 decades developing equipment and software systems for the telecom world. We do testing, automation and sustenance support at a fraction of the cost and at superior quality to enable clients to stay focused on profitability.

Telecom / Network Applications Testing Services

Rapidsoft testing team can test your Network applications using latest reiterative tools. A very little testing is done manually. Instead we use advance applications testing scripts and tools to automate the testing process. We maintain a large number of servers for load/ Network traffic generation as needed. As development company, our engineers will develop custom test scripts tailored to your Network/ Telecom applications.

Embedded and Telecom practice has a focused team that is skilled in Wireless technologies, RTOS, Scripting and specific tool usage skills specific to telecom technologies. The team is composed of engineers with Electronics/Communication background with specializations in embedded and telecom technologies. STAG has a specialized Knowledge Services group that does STEMTM based test engineering training that focus on test design, strategy, tooling and management. This group has created specialized learning materials on Embedded Systems, Linux, Perl, TCL/Tk, Digital video technology, Mobile communications, Wireless technologies and Windows Mobile.  The staff of this group undergoes these specialized programs before they are internally certified to be ready for a project

Our spectrum of customers has included established large software companies at one end and high technology startups on the other end. The landscape spans across organizations in the areas of wireless technology, service integrators, consumer media, chip set developers, mobile applications developers, protocol stack developers, imaging and printing, mobile device management and IPTV.

Our Technologies Engineering - Test and Development Capabilities

Teams Equipment and Toolset

This team is equipped with test lab that has multiple servers, Cisco 2800/3800 Routers, Switches with software’s like Linux, Apache, mySQL, Darwin streamer, QuickTime player, RealPlayer, MobileComplete, Chariot, Infopeek, Ethreal, gCov, OpenRTSP, Monsoon multimedia set top box, USB Monitors, BlueTooth Development Kits, RFD Readers and Writers.

Flexible outsourcing and Independent Testing Solutions

Rapidsoft Systems software and product testing services can help you to test more software, better, faster and at less cost. Rapidsoft Systems can provide extensive multi-domain technical knowledge and experience of product validation even for the most demanding requirements. Rapidsoft Systems can help companies with testing and QA needs to:

Why Rapidsoft Systems:

With over 350+ software projects executed, you can simply count on our expertise, experience in giving you the right solution at absolutely lowest possible cost. If you would like more information, or want us to submit an estimate or a "no-obligation" quote for your project, contact us for more information.

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