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Rapidsoft systems has been executing all kinds of projects and has been associated with all kind clients such as media, technologies, insurance, ecommerce, music distribution, radio networks and more. With some 300+ projects knowledge behind us - you can be rest assured that there is a some project that aligns and is quite similar to yours.

The table below provide glimpse of some projects that our engineering teams has done. A detailed list of of many more case studies can be provided to valid potential clients on individual requests.

Client Project  Technologies 
A Media Company, New York, USA  Mobile Games Development, Adserver Library, Advertisement Integration Project: The client has large number of mobile J2ME, Symbian and iPhone games (Library of popular Mobile games). The project involves porting these games from phone to another. Also, the games have to be built by supporting ad server calls where some advertisements are inserted in the game play. We have completed the iPhone based assignments and now in various stages of development with regards to other game porting and re-writing.
Platform: Apple iPhone, G1 Android, Blackberry, GSM Phones, Advertisement Server
A Medical Diagnostics and Instruments Company, San Francisco, USA A Medical Client Server Health Application With  Mobile Devices Support This client is involved in providing applications for patients monitoring and other medical diagnostic software. We have been developing a software that will run on Windows Mobile platform and later on iPhone that will allow medical support staff to provision, record and submit the patients vital information to the server securely. An important part of the application is to integrate scanning functionality in the software so that x-ray and other medical images are also attached with a patient’s data.
Platform: Windows Media Phone, HP PDA, iPhone, .NET Web Server, MSQL DB Server, Scanner Twain Library, C/C++. .NET Compact
A Multinational Mobile Applications Aggregator and Developing House, Tokyo (Japan) New York (USA) Redesign and Cross Platform Porting of A Number of Popular Mobile Applications This is a multinational company involved in some of the most popular mobile applications. These applications are widely distributed by all major carriers in the USA such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Alltel, US Cellular etc. Our team redesigned these applications for smart phones adding touch screen support for these applications, redesigning user interfaces, adding new features and supporting support of interactive server based functionality. These applications now run over several hundred new devices from manufacturers like Nokia, Blackberry, Motorola, Samsung, Siemens, Sony-Ericsson etc.
Platform: Brew SDK, J2ME SDK, Blackberry, Palm Device, C/C++, Java, My SQL, PHP, SMS Gateway Integration, Accounting and Statistics Server, Linux, VMware
A large music distribution company. Los Angles/ New York, USA Online Music Distribution and Download System The client is a major player in the music industry. They wanted to implement a cutting edge portal targeted for the hip crowd of 18 to 35 years old. Some of the features were easy browsing of songs, searches of songs by title, DRM protections, database reports, administrative interfaces, and ability to request songs etc.
Platform: .NET Server (C#), MSSQL, Flash, Action Script, HTML, CSS, Linux Server, Windows Server
A Social Networking Venture Funded Startup, USA A Web 2.0 Social Networking Site This client wanted a social networking site for a specific sector using custom features. Our teams worked involved in conceptualization, design, development, testing, setting up and running of entire application. We developed the entire site with features like photo-upload, photosharing, private messaging, chat server, chat rooms, Group formation, group broadcast, on-line forums, blogs craetin, HTML editor integrations, ZIP based searches and more.
Platform: .NET Server (C#), MYSQL, Jabber Chat Server, HTML, CSS, Linux/ Win Servers
A MVNO, New York, USA Mobile Streaming Media Player and Streaming Servers This is specialized media streaming application for mobile phones. Rapidsoft has developed the mobile resident multi-lingual application and has also set up the mobile streaming servers for the company. Rapidsoft has been retained to set up entire MVNO operation including set up of customer provisioning system, VoIP (SIP) service integration, customer management and sales operation support systems. In addition company is in the process of developing the advertisement management platform for the company.
Platform: J2ME Phones, Blackberry, iPhone, Linux Server, IceCast Server, C/C++, Java, Real Media Server, Tape Back Up Servers
A Tours and Travel company, London, UK A Web 2.0 Social Networking Site With Google MAP Mashup TripMapper is an integrated travel portal with mapping information which enables you to: Plan or map out your entire trip, using our intuitive map-based interface, Capture the experiences and vivid memories that make up your trip, within their geographical context, Easily share your adventures with friends and family around the world, in a meaningful way TripMapper's map-based interface allows you to plan and chart out your trip on a full-screen map, and place notes, photos or videos - familiar elements from old-fashioned travel blogs - etc. onto the relevant locations of your trip. TripMapper also facilitates sharing your adventures with your friends & family. You can invite them to view your trip, easily send them updates or they can subscribe to your trip's RSS feed. Either way, with TripMapper, all the experiences you capture are more meaningful to, and are more easily appreciated by those who follow your trip.
Platform: Ruby on Rails, MySql, SQL, Unix Scripting, C/C++, Google Maps, Linux Servers, Symantec Back UP Solutions
A Large Multinational Company, Tokyo (Japan), San Francisco (USA) A Supply Chain Management System SCPLAN is a supply chain management (SCM) and strategy planning system. Using rapid material requirements planning (MRP) calculations, SCPLAN evaluates and simulates production planning and MRP as the core features of a manufacturing-industry SCM system. The SCPLAN suite of program products can help manufacturers to reduce the lead-time from order entry to shipping, and to minimize inventory and costs. SCPLAN makes for fast processing of management information, streamlining all types of decision-making. Hitachi expressed the need to make the current VB application into Web Enabled. The presentation layer is developed using Applets. The server side is developed using servlets. These servlets communicate with native libraries through JNI. The main performance criteria for this project are that the present speed and efficiency of operations should be less or same as that of the present client-server system.
Platform: Java (JDK, SWING, JNI, JSP, Servlet) IIS 3.0.2, C++ Apache Tomcat 3.0 J-Builder-3.5, VC++ 6.0, TogetherJ 3.02, JProbe 2.8, JTest (ParaSoft)
A Major Multinational Corporation, USA A SIP Based Proprietary Tele-Conferencing System This project developed a SIP based conferencing system including cutting edge features like session transfer software for allowing (RTP) media sessions to be transferred during the application. The work involved SIP signaling, media session negotiation, SIP Proxy Set up, Call set up, User Interfaces, Device discovery etc. In addition, project integrated several complex features such as discovering session transfer candidate devices using UPnP discovery process, Generating SIP messages for re-Inviting for the SIP session, Renegotiating SDP parameters (RTP codec, port number etc), re-establishing RTP sessions, cleaning the device states after session transfer, display control and user GUI to control the session transfer and for changing other customer defined configuration parameters. Integration and testing with customer developed conferencing system based on SIP.
Platform: Redhat Linux , Windows XP, Java, C, C++, Linux PDAs (Sharp), NIST SIP (Open Source)
A Media Company, New York, USA Online Customizable Online Game Widgets The client is in media business and have a large portfolio of flash based games. We wrote the widgets that will allow users to create game widgets that users can include on their social networking sites such as facebook, MySpace and bebo etc. In addition to creating widgets, many new features were added to the code providing easy integration, generation of widget code etc.
Platform: Linux, Ruby on Rails, Merb, Java Script, Flash
A Major US Corporation, Baltimore, Maryland, USA An Enterprise Data Miner An Enterprise Miner has been developed to support the entire data mining process. The SAS system provides unparalleled data access to relational and detail data stores. The base SAS language provides unrivalled power in aggregating and transforming data. Together, SAS/STAT and Enterprise Miner can support virtually any modeling need. Enterprise Miner functions are organized into a process known as SEMMA: Sample, Explore, Modify, Model and Assess.
Platform: Oracle9i, Weblogic8.1, SAS Base System, Windows XP, MS-Project 2003, Eclipse3.0, Rational Rose, Prism, JAVA (J2EE-EJB, Struts, Tiles, SWING)
A Major Insurance Company, USA Online Insurance Portal With Custom Features This customer was looking to create a portal for selling on-line policies for life, Casualty, health etc. The features included, support of policy calculations, underwriting policies, premium computations, payment tracking, policy document preparations, Insurance claims processing, Billing, Agent Commissions computations etc. In addition the system provided a number of reports for the business to classify data by policy types, policy regions, claims types etc. The system had multiple level security and access control integrated.
Platform: .NET Server (C#), MSSQL Server, HTML, CSS, Linux/ Win Servers
A Major Networking Ethernet Switch Vendor, San Jose, CA SNMP Client Modifications and Custom MIB Implementation This client is a major manufacturer of high speed Ethernet switches and router. They were looking to develop proprietary enhancements for their SNMP client for majoring certain parameters form their system. The aim was to design MIB, integrate with the software, test with popular SNMP server software by using the MIB proprietary export of these systems.
Platform: SNMP V2.0, SNMP V3.0, MIB Compiler, C/C++, Redhat Linux Servers, Windows Servers, TCP/IP, UDP Sockets, Network Security.

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