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Mobile Applications Development

Rapidsoft Systems has extensive domain knowledge when it comes to wireless and mobile application solutions. We like to build smart phone applications for cellular operators and handset manufacturers, game developers, as well as ring tone developers. We develop solutions using J2ME, Brew, iPhone, Palm Pre, Windows Mobile, Flashlite and Symbian platforms, that allow rapid deployment and sophisticated user functionality. We are one of the few mobile software development companies that can work across all major mobile platforms available today.

We have very strong mobile development team and we work across all platforms and phones. Checkout our portfolio here.

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We work with more than 2500+ handsets and work with all major US, Canadian, European and Asian carriers. Among the applications that we have developed/ported are some very popular games, mapping applications, city guides, puzzle games, and corporate mobile applications. All these applications are widely distributed by Major US carriers (ATT, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular, Alltel etc.). We also work with major European carriers such as Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile etc. We have over 20 years of experience in mobile technologies in designing mobile applications, mobile phones programming - some of us at Rapidsoft Systems even designed cellular phones, pagers, GSM/ CDMA base stations and cellular switching equipments themselves for companies like Motorola, Nokia and Panasonic.

In most cases, we are approved development relationship with operators or with phone manufacturers thus enabling us to arrange the certifications, development and application distributions. We are an approved iPhone Apple developer and also an approved vendor for RIM's immensely popular Blackberry mobile phones.

Our Range of Solutions:

iPhone Mobile Software Porting
1. Mobile Porting in Action
Blackberry Software Development
   2. Mobile Device Variety Supported by us

Our Skill Sets:

Name of The Company Comment
Apple iPhone Approved Corporate Developer
iPhone Ready
Rapidsoft Systems is an Approved Corporate Level Developer of Apple's Application Development program. This allows us to develop and submit our applications to Apple's iTunes. We have multiple live iPhone for testing and development.
Blackberry Developer Alliance Member
Blackberry Software Ready
Rapidsoft Systems is a corporate member of Blackberry Developer Alliance program. We have our development signatures for blackberry - we can develop applications on any Blackberry device on any Carriers. We have worked both on Blackberry 8800/8900 series as well as new Touch screen based Blackberry 9000 series applications. We have access to all Blackberry devices.
Symbian Mobile Application Ready
Symbian Mobile Software Ready
Rapidsoft Systems have been developing applications for Symbian Platform for many years. We have access to large number of Symbian devices. We have built both Native mode games, J2ME applications. We can develop and sign applications as needed as well as deal with required carrier testing, certifications for teh US market.
Brew Mobile Application Ready
Brew Mobile Software Ready
Rapidsoft Systems is one of the few companies that can work on Brew. We have latest ARM compilers to generate suitable MIF files for Brew 3.0. We have expertise in whole Brew application development and distribution cycle.
The True Brew Testing Company
The True Brew Testing (TBT) Company

Every Brew Application requires MANDATORY True Brew Testing (TBT) by NSTL. Rapidsoft team has expertise to do pre-submission testing. We have latest Arm's compiler and tools for Brew development. We can organize submissions to NSTL. We are registered with NSTL as Brew developer.

Windows Mobile Application Ready

Windows Mobile Software Ready

Rapidsoft Systems is a corporate level alliance partner of Microsoft Applications. We have developed numerous Native (C/C++) and non-native (.Net compact) applications for Windows Platforms. We have access to all Windows Mobile devices available on major US and European Carriers.

Mobile Applications Porting

A Mobile application needs to be ported, optimized, and tested for each target device it is intended to run on, which is a complicated challenge. For example, even among Nokia products, Series 60 and Series 40 devices have very different screen sizes, memory sizes, and CPU speeds. Furthermore, the quality control of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on devices has been weak. Different devices could have different bugs, particularly in their thread or memory management implementations. You have to work around those problems one device at a time. This is where Rapidsoft's low cost resources can help. We support US carriers (ATT, Verizon, SPRINT and T-Mobile), Canadian Carriers (Telus, Rogers) and most major European carriers.

Utilizing our large inventory of handsets or the handsets of our partner - we can port and test your applications to over 2000+ Handsets. We are specially adapt at writing touchscreen interfaces for new generation of interfaces and re-writing applications to support modern touch phones, regardless of phone types. We have redesigned large number of mobile games and applications to support new phones.

Mobile Applications development
In Action: Mobile Porting of a Popular Application By Rapidsoft Systems Engineers

Our wireless solutions work in the disconnected wireless world whether it is 802.X, GPRS, CDMA/GSM, Bluetooth or just cradle synch mode. Data synchronization is programmed so as to ensure accuracy of data yet reduce load on the network, especially valuable in case of expensive and low bandwidth wireless connectivity.

We deliver high ROI for your mobile computing projects by selecting open standards based middleware and also by emphasizing performance issues while integrating with your existing IT systems.

Rapidsoft's Core Mobile Capabilities

Rapisoft's core capabilities in the mobile applications area extend far beyond just developing an application. We can support our customers, in certifications, integration with third parties including SMS aggregators, comprehensive in-network, on device testing, and customizing applications for the global delivery.

iPhone, Blackberry Software Development
    Our Mobile Development and Deployment Capabilities

Mobile Operator Supported by Rapidsoft

Rapidsoft Systems has been either a development partner or has been working for applications for major US cellular carriers for the last several years. We understand their content policies, their application deployment policies and security restrictions. If you are new to mobile applications areas - Rapidsoft team can provide you complete guidelines on development and deployment of your applications. Some of the network operators we work are shown below.

 Android Mobile Games Development
    Mobile Operators Supported by Rapidsoft Systems

We beleive that no matter what mobile applications you need, our team can do it. If any one can, we can!

Why Rapidsoft Systems:

With over 350+ software projects executed, you can simply count on our expertise, experience in giving you the right solution at absolutely lowest possible cost. If you would like more information, or want us to submit an estimate or a "no-obligation" quote for your project, contact us for more information.

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