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Enterprise Applications Testing Services

Ensuring the accuracy, reliability and quality of your critical business applications has never been more important. Why? Because companies across industries depend on mission-critical enterprise applications to drive their business initiatives. In turn, these applications rely on relational databases to store and manage the underlying enterprise data. The ability to enhance, maintain, customize and upgrade these sophisticated applications is critical for achieving long-term business goals. Companies are striving to speed the deployment of reliable, high-quality applications, while staying within tight IT budgets.

Rapidsoft Systems application testing expertise spans over 2 decades developing business appliactions and ensuring product quality. We do testing, automation and sustenance support at a fraction of the cost and at superior quality to enable clients to stay focused on profitability.

Enterprise Applications Testing Services

Rapidsoft testing team can test your Enterprise applications using latest reiterative tools. A very little testing is done manually. Instead we use advance applications testing scripts and tools to automate the testing process. We maintain a large number of servers for load/ application traffic generation as needed. As development company, our engineers will develop custom test scripts tailored to your enterprise applications.

Now, more than ever, companies face new challenges when designing effective and efficient testing strategies for enterprise applications. Incomplete or flawed test data means inaccurate testing, which can lead to application failure and business disruption. More common approaches to building test environments include cloning application production environments and writing custom extract programs. However, these methods can be labor intensive, error prone and costly. No company wants to risk losing customers, market share, brand equity or revenue by delivering applications that have not been thoroughly tested. For this reason, end-to-end application testing is a strategic priority throughout the application development lifecycle.

Ensuring Both End-User and System-Wide Quality for Enterprise Applications, Rapidsoft uses industry leading tools to perform most complete and collaborative enterprise software testing solution for SOA, BPM and integration platforms. Our tools allows QA, development and analyst teams to rapidly design and execute functional, unit, regression and load tests against dynamic web sites (RIAs), as well as natively testing and verifying business logic within most middle-tier technologies that exist below the UI, and extending to provide a "test harness" for custom and legacy applications.

Rapidsoft 's Enterprise Applications Tests Capabilities

Functional Testing:

Our teams' services and tools allows our QA, Development, and Business Analyst teams to test rich browser and web user interfaces, as well as the many building blocks and data residing below the UI. Using sophisticated tools, all of the web, SOA, data and implementation layers the team needs to functionally test can be analyzed, invoked and verified to ensure requirements are met.

Agile Regression Testing:

Extends the value of creating and modeling unit and functional tests by allowing dynamic tests to be remotely executed as a part of build, Test Management and Application Lifecycle Management tools and processes. Errors and exceptions are found earlier in the lifecycle, reducing costs and increasing team agility.

Load & Performance Testing:

Load testing needs to be conducted as early as possible. Waiting for a completed application to stress test at the user interface level is no longer an option. Our engineers can load test individual components and workflows during design and development, during integration, and in deployment. Individual functional tests and system-wide business processes are load tested using the same environment, resulting in efficient test coverage, with rich functional and performance metrics and reports.

Ajax Enabled, Cloud Computing and Other Complex Environment Testing:

Today's web applications function more dynamically than ever, and accordingly, we now have to change the way we test applications. On the front end, new Web 2.0, Cloud Computing, AJAX and SaaS delivery models are driving more complex RIA functionality into the browser. On the back end, enterprise apps consume services from a variety of business partners, supporting many underlying systems and data sources, which are concealed from the end user. Most of the business logic happens as messages and transactions between back-end systems. We are capable of taking care of these new paradigm

Focused Team With Multi-Dimensional Testing:

Our Enterprise Application Testing practice has a focused team that is skilled in Wireless technologies, mobile technologies, networking technologies and fully convergent with Scripting and specific tool usage so we can deal with all interfacing issues.

Features of Rapidsoft Systems' Enterprise Applications Tests

Our Other Test and Development Capabilities

Teams Equipment and Toolset

This team is equipped with test lab that has multiple servers, Cisco 2800/3800 Routers, Switches with software’s like Linux, Apache, mySQL, Darwin streamer, QuickTime player, RealPlayer, MobileComplete, Chariot, Infopeek, Winshark, FTK Tools, Ethreal, gCov, OpenRTSP, Monsoon multimedia set top box, USB Monitors, BlueTooth Development Kits, RFD Readers and Writers.

Flexible outsourcing and Independent Testing Solutions

Rapidsoft Systems software and product testing services can help you to test more software, better, faster and at less cost. Rapidsoft Systems can provide extensive multi-domain technical knowledge and experience of product validation even for the most demanding requirements. Rapidsoft Systems can help companies with testing and QA needs to:

Why Rapidsoft Systems:

With over 350+ software projects executed, you can simply count on our expertise, experience in giving you the right solution at absolutely lowest possible cost. If you would like more information, or want us to submit an estimate or a "no-obligation" quote for your project, contact us for more information.

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