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Our Engineering management team has 200+ man years of experience with previously running major projects at world leaders like Alcatel, Motorola, Nokia, Lucent, Glenayre Technologies, Cisco Systems, Oracle EMC, Ennovate Networks, Corona Networks, Telstra, Intel, Toshiba and Matsushita (Panasonic). We have guided large and complex multi-million dollars Fortune 500 projects and created products with combined market values of Billions of dollars.

With a strong knowledge base and proven expertise in the areas of Wireless Internet, Web technologies, Mobile, P2P, Computer Networking and Infrastructure development, our team is your ideal technology partner. Our ability to work on latest Web technologies, Mobile Networks and support multiple devices makes us immensely valuable to all our customers.

Key members of our Management and Engineering team have been at the technology industry forefront in managing the development of numerous successful products, and technologies for the wireless (GSM/CDMA infrastructure, Mobile Devices and applications), IEEE 802.11 WLANs, computer networking (IP Routers, VPN Gateways, Optical Switches), Media Streaming, P2P, SIP and Web 2.0 technologies (banking, insurance and manufacturing, Mobile applications). The technical caliber of our engineers, carefully handpicked from reputed institutes after several rounds of evaluation, has helped us achieve a worldwide reputation with our global as well as domestic customers for our products and on-site/offshore software development.

Management Team

Dr. S. Rathor, Ph.D.: CEO & President

Dr. Rathor has over 20 years experience in business management. She handles logistics, finance and operations of the company and is key member of our strategic planning committee. As a member of our executive team she is responsible for making sure that we are able to update our infrastructures as needed.

Mr. Gurbinder Mavi: Vice President- Sales and Marketing

Based in San Jose, California, Mr Gurbinder Mavi has a Masters in Computer Networking from University Of Southern California. He has over 17 years of experience in the computer and communication industry. Passionate about technology, he led the software development drive for IP networking protocols. Gurbinder spent several interesting years at CISCO, where he was instrumental in the development of features for various CISCO routers including GSR, 7200, Cat6K, HFR and other software platforms including IOS and ENA. His areas of expertise include real time s/w, networking protocols, wireless and mobile applications. In addition to working in the technology industry, Mr. Mavi has strong industry experience in applying technological solutions to Automotive, Manufacturing and Financial Services sectors.

Gurbinder's expertise are in real time s/w, networking protocols, wireless and mobile applications. He enjoys working with customers and using his hands-on knowledge in finding most cost effective solutions. He has a Masters in Computer Networking from University of Southern California. He is based in San Jose, California.

Brijesh Kumar, Ph.D.: Chief Technology and Product Development Officer

Dr. Brijesh Kumar , over the last two decades, has held many senior engineering management and executive positions with major fortune 500 corporations (Panasonic, Motorola, Glenayre Techs., Digital Equipment) and technology startups (Ennovate Networks, Corona Networks, LS AudioLabs etc.) in the USA and Canada. He provides the guidance to our engineering teams, manages key projects, and sets company's overall strategic and technological/ product directions. He is former head of Panasonic's Wireless, Mobile and IP technology research group in the USA. He has acted as a subject matter expert in Software, networking, wireless, cloud computing and security areas in patents disputes.
Dr. Kumar has led large multi-site software and hardware development teams, and has been at the industry forefront in managing the development of numerous successful products, and technologies for the wireless (GSM/CDMA infrastructure, Mobile Devices and applications), IEEE 802.11 WLANs, computer networking (IP Routers, VPN Gateways, Optical Switches), Media Streaming, P2P, SIP and Web 2.0 technologies. He has led teams that designed products with market cap in billions of dollars.
Dr Kumar has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the prestigious University College London (UCL) / University of London, U.K, and is an an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) alumni. He got his BSEE and MSEE in Computer Science from IIT (Roorkee) and IIT (Delhi) respectively. Dr. Kumar has published numerous technical papers, filed many patents, and contributed to several important standard documents in IETF, IEEE, WAP Forum, and Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) International Standards bodies. He is a reviewer of IEEE and ACM professional journals and has been a Technical Planning Committee (TPC) member, and session chair at many professional and industry conferences and seminars. He is a frequent speaker in workshop and conferences

Mr. V. Muthu: Chief Technologist - Application Software Development

Muthu has over 17 years experience in Engineering wide variety of systems. He has led teams that implemented numerous key projects both for technology startups and large companies in the IP networking, network management and web applications. Mr. Muthu brings unique perspective to the team due to his deep understanding and long distinguished experience of Networking Sector, Embedded development, and on product design. He has been instrumental in designing numerous projects for Fortune 500 companies in the USA/ Singapore/ India etc.

Muthu is is an expert in large scale systems architecture design and an excellent programmer in C/C++, Java, Linux Shell Scripting, PERL and many other computing languages. He has extensively worked on MPLS and IPSEC VPNs, BGP, OSPF, Deep Packet Classification Engines, SNMP, Network Management Servers, Firewall design and other security technologies. Besides networking products, Muthu has also led teams both for wireless and web applications.

Mr. Amric Dhillon: Chief Technologist - Mobile Applications Development

Mr. Dhillon has  over 25 years experience in the technology industry. He has been involved with a number of software companies in UK, Canada and USA. He has led large teams to develop mobile platforms and applications. He has spent years in the wireless industry and his wireless engineering experience spans from various paging technologies to today's smart phones. He has been involved in designing entire cycle of products for mobile industry from devices to switching systems. He has created multi-media chips for smart phones, and has worked on key elements such as compression, encryption, phone design, and numerous mobile applications.

Besides mobile solutions - Mr. Dhillon has significant experience in design and development of solutions for the digital control systems industry. He has designed numerous control systems and data transfer mechanisms for major digital instrumentation projects for the manufacturing industry.

Dr. Gajender Chouhan: Chief Legal Advisor.

Dr Gajendra Chauhan is a practicing lawyer with practice related to variety of legal matters under mainly within the jurisdiction of Delhi High Court and Supreme Court of India. He obtained his law degree from Delhi University and a Ph.D. from Rohtak University, in India. He is based in New Delhi.

Mr. D. K. Agarwal : Chief Financial Advisor

Mr. D. K. Agarwal is a Certified Chartered Accountant of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He has been leading a prestigious auditing and accounting firm in N. Delhi, India for over 30 years. He is based in New Delhi.

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