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Automate (TM) Facility and Asset Scheduler

Rapidsoft Systems' Automate [TM] Facility and Asset Scheduler is a hosted service platform for companies that needs to manage facilities, assets and other organizational resources. If your company manages facilities such as conference rooms, meeting rooms vehicles, projectors and other equipment to your internal departments or to external customers then this software is perfect for you.

It is suitable for many companies such as Universities, Hospitals, Manufacturing, Construction, Traffic Management, Security, Crane / Heavy Machinery Hire, Security, Engineering etc, that need to manage asset and facility rerveations on job assignments.

Automate Facility and Asset MScheduler is suitable for businesses of all sizes as it can scale to meet the needs of any enterprize. From small companies with fewer than 100 employees to international corporations with a workforce of several thousand personnel. It lets a company optimise its most valuable and expensive resources — its fixed assets and use them most optimistically..

Although that might sound simple, it represents a complex business challenge. After all, countless factors come into play when you’re trying to make the right decisions. And companies often resort to pen-and-paper or spreadsheets when it comes facility and asset scheduling. The consequences are often disastrous and can include expensive overtime payments, unproductive idle time, high rates of staff turnover, poor customer service and untapped revenue potential.

An advanced solution for reserving and scheduling your facilities

Rapidsoft System's Automate Facility and Asset Scheduler provides you with the ability to effectively manage, utilize, and schedule your organization’s valuable resources. With this powerful tool, easily reserve and schedule rooms, tools, equipment, AV assets, Fleets and infrastructure items such as athletic fields, conference rooms, swimming pools, games rooms and meeting rooms .

Your staff is provided with a comprehensive array of features that automate scheduling, reserving, and dispatching your facility’s assets. Users have the ability to submit a request to reserve specific items, and depending on availability, a reservation is created. Most importantly, throughout the entire process, users are kept fully informed of the pending reservation by automatic e-mail updates. AUTOMATE Facility Scheduler provides your staff with pre-formatted reports and easy-to-read graphical scheduling calendars allowing you to maximize the use of your organizations valuable resources in the most efficient manner possible.

The module maintains established rates for hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rentals. Holiday schedules or black-out periods can be displayed on a graphical interface along with colored bars showing items reserved or scheduled. Chargeback accounting allows all rental costs to be charged to internal departments, organizations, external groups, or individuals. In addition, extra charges can be added for repairs and cleaning services.

Automate Facility Scheduler supports recurring schedules, making it easy to schedule rooms for meetings that occur on a regular basis. Costs can be billed to one account or split-billed to many accounts. Work orders are generated upon return of items if a task is specified in the rental preferences.

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Facility Scheduler

Business benefits include the following:

Primary features of Automate Facility Scheduler

Simplify Scheduling Events, Meetings and Resources

With Automate Scheduler , you can schedule your event, reserve facilities, and schedule other resources quickly and easily.?

I. Enter Everything in a Single System

Eliminate confusion by entering all event information into a single system. Distribute the workload by allowing authorized users to submit their own requests. Maintain control by routing requests to coordinators for approval.

II. Eliminate Retyping

Enter important details about events and specify the recurrence pattern. Then edit individual occurrences as needed. All event information is saved for later use, even if the event is cancelled.

III. Keep Everyone on the Same Page

After the event information is entered into the system, staff members can run reports that provide complete instructions on what is being used, how rooms need to be set up, which events require resources and support services (childcare, food services), and much more.

IV. Real-Time Status Updates

When changes occur (as they always do), you simply enter the change and Automate notifies those in the approval process who need to know. Prevent last-minute changes by establishing a time frame that controls when events can be submitted, edited, or canceled. No forms to fill out, no papers to shuffle.

V. Manage It All Online, from Anywhere, 24/7

Because Automate is web-based, everyone can see and share the same calendar. You and your staff members can access it at the office, from home, or on the road—anywhere with a Web connection, anytime.

VI. Eliminate the Headaches of Maintenance

Because Automate is a hosted solution, no programming is required and there is no software to install, maintain, and upgrade—all you need is a computer (PC, Mac, Tablet PC, or smartphone) with a current Web browser. Streamline Communication Process Assign, reserve, and track available rooms and equipment online. Workflow makes communication simple, easy, and automated.

VII. Reserve Resources with Confidence

Stop wasting time looking for the missing laptop, projector, or stack of tables and chairs. Space reservation and setup, food and beverage coordination, audio/visual allocation, and transportation requirements can consume your day, but you can reserve with confidence when you schedule your event through Automate.

VIII. One Place for Everything

Simplify resource management by providing your staff a single place for requesting resources needed for upcoming events during the initial setup of event details and online registration.

IX. Create a Communication Workflow

Notify the person responsible for on-campus resource management, such as a facilities director, the moment a resource is requested. No need to send another e-mail, make an additional phone call, or schedule time in the office to review your needs. Just schedule and go! Automate will map your request to the workflow you define. It even sends alerts when changes are made to your request.

X. View Everything Online

Automate is a complete solution for scheduling, reserving, tracking, and communicating about your events in a single, online location. By keeping all the pieces of your event in one place, everyone involved can be on the same page from anywhere, 24/7.

XI. Eliminate the Headaches of Maintenance

Because Automate is a hosted solution, no programming is required, and there is no software to install, maintain, and upgrade; all you need is a computer (PC, Mac, Tablet PC, or smartphone) with a current web browser.

Automate as a Subscription Service

XIII. A powerful Maintenance Management Software Solution as a Subscription Service

Automate offered as a Subscription Service provides all the benefits of a truly robust yet scalable Maintenance Management Software Solution at an affordable price. This technologically advanced product is offered as a service by Rapidsoft Systems and provides you access to the system via any standard web browser. Automate has a low startup cost and a reasonable subscription rate that allows organizations to essentially rent the software while continuing to own their data - all available online!


You can access Automate via the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through any standard web browser - anytime, anywhere access.


No capital budget expenditure. With a very low startup cost, organizations can essentially lease the software through periodic p ayments while maintaining ownership of their data. No hardware upgrades and no additional IT staff are required.


Instead of upgrading and updating in-house software, let Rapidsoft Systems take care of it. Upgrades and updates occur automatically at the hosting site - at no charge. Subscribers are always on the most current release.


With Rapidsoft Systems's quick implementation process (Rapidsoft Systems), organizations can be up and running in weeks, not months.


With multiple backups, the latest firewall technology, and advanced physical security, data is safe with our hosting service - just like money in the bank.


Automate is scalable. Purchase what you need when you need it. Pay only for the user licenses and functionality your organization requires.


No additional IT staffing needed. Advanced desktop solutions require resources such as a database administrator for set up, backup, and maintenance of the database; a network administrator to set up and configure the application on the network; and a technician to configure the workstations. With Automate, these positions are not required.

Price and Licensing

Please contact us for more details on pricing and other custom features. We offer several pricing options - licensing and usage based pricings. Pricing based on the number of subscribers (starting as a low as $2/per consumer per month). Customization changes based on specific customer requirements can be done. Integration with end user systems is provided.

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