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Rapidsoft Systems Releases New Designs for Its Popular SIP VoIP and Calling Card Dialers for Mobile Phones

New mobile dialers are available with over 24 different skins and themes to VoIP operators, OEMS and their subscribers.

Rapidsoft Systems, a leading developer of mobile VoIP and other advanced technology solutions, today announced new updates to its mobile dialer products. It has released several new designs this week, and now offers over 24 different skins and themes for mobile dialers to VoIP operators, OEMS and their subscribers.

The new dialers are available with several different color themes. They include features such as clear indications of a successful server registration, simple user configuration, multiple user accounts and call recording support. Also, consumers can check their account balance in calling card accounts, or in pre-paid accounts. RDialer series of mobile dialers are available in several forms:

1. SIP VoIP mobile dialers: These dialers use SIP protocol to dial out a number. They use data networks to make outgoing call, or accept incoming call saving cellular minutes to the users. A SIP server/proxy is needed the software to work. They will work with any SIP server.

2. Call Though, Callback or Calling Card mobile dialers: These dialers use cellular channel to call out the called party. The called number is dialed as an extension using DTMF. These dialers are used to save time by pre-entering calling card information or dialing a selected access number. Calling card dialers or Callback dialers are available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows PCs.

Rapidsoft Systems is a pioneer in developing VoIP solutions such as white labeled SIP dialers, Callback dialers and Calling card dialers for mobile phones. It has been involved in the development of SIP solutions for over 10 years. With the release of new dialers, it further strengthens its position in this mobile dialer product segment.

Commenting on the release of dialers, Dr. Brijesh Kumar COO and Head of Product Development at Rapidsoft Systems said, "rDialers products have emerged as leading quality mobile dialers for VoIP OEMs. They let new VoIP service providers launch their mobile calling card services in a matter of days. The best part is that the company has kept dialers easy to use for non-technical users. That is one of the reasons for their popularity."

The company has been supplying consumer versions of these products in the mobile app market places at Google Play and Apple iTunes. More information is available at its telecom product site at http://www.rapidsofttelecom.com.

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